biospatial announces case study with InterveXion Therapeutics and Syneos Health

biospatial data used for clinical trial feasibility and site identification for substance abuse study

DURHAM, NC, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2021 / — biospatial data used for clinical trial feasibility and site identification for substance abuse study. biospatial announced a case study aimed at helping pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs with study feasibility and site ID for acute therapeutic conditions.

biospatial’s access to near real-time EMS electronic Patient Care Reports (ePCR) was a key component in helping InterveXion Therapeutics with clinical trial feasibility and site selection for their Phase 2 study in acute methamphetamine intoxication (Meth-OD; NCT04715230).

“We thought site selection was going to be difficult for this trial because many of the epidemiology estimates we found were out of date and patients had to be randomized in the emergency department,” commented Keith Ward, CEO, InterveXion Therapeutics. Dr. Ward continued, “biospatial was able to provide us with a list of the top 200 hospitals over the past 12 months who received patients with methamphetamine toxicity and who met our key inclusion/exclusion criteria, along with contact information for potential clinical investigators at those hospitals.”

biospatial’s platform provides automated analysis of near real-time EMS data, aggregation of trends, and alerting to anomalies based on syndromes that leverage both categorical elements and natural language processing of free-text elements within EMS data.

“Working with the teams at InterveXion and Syneos Health, we were able to jointly create and execute a feasibility and site selection strategy tailor-made to the study characteristics,” explained Colleen Jordan, Director, Commercial Development, biospatial. Ms. Jordan continued, “Analogous to EMR data in the hospital setting, think of our aggregate EMS data products as a comprehensive view of pre-hospital care but supplied in near real-time. These products are especially valuable for studies where patient consent needs to occur in a short window for therapeutic treatment to begin.”

About biospatial
Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC, biospatial has established unique data use agreements enabling access to electronic patient care reports (ePCR) from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers in over 40 US states. Growing by 90,000 records per day, we combine our database of more than 100M EMS ePCRs and other electronic healthcare data sources in the biospatial platform. The biospatial platform leverages analytics and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to provide web-based tools, automated reporting, and alerting. Our mission is to help organizations make faster and improved decisions, leading to improved healthcare outcomes.

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