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Gain prehospital clinical insights into EMS patients, transport, and prehospital care with our unique healthcare data platform.

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What is biospatial Navigate?

Built on our unique healthcare data platform, biospatial Navigate enables users to easily create, discover, analyze, and export insights derived from our massive database of near real-time EMS patient records and linked hospital records. biospatial Navigate enables users to answer questions like:

doctors and nurses rushing patient to emergency room
  • What is your market share of emergency transports for trauma patients from your top 5 zip codes?
  • What day of week and time of day takes the longest to transfer care for stroke patients?
  • What percentage of STEMI patients transported to your hospital had a pre-hospital notification sent?

How does it work?

biospatial Navigate is more than analytics; it's a solution tailored to your hospital's needs. Our platform collects and combines prehospital datasets to develop a unique set of data previously inaccessible to many health systems. We partner with Emergency Medical Services agencies and state offices to ensure near real-time data collection.

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