Behavioral Health Centers


Understand your market like never before

Whether you are entering a new market or trying to grow your existing market, biospatial’s unique data assets and analysis platform allow unprecedented access to patterns involving patients with substance abuse and mental health conditions.

  • Track trends in substance abuse and mental health interventions
  • Quantify and validate referral patterns with partner hospitals
  • Data-driven decisions for new site planning

Designed specifically for behavioral health clients, biospatial Discover enables informed decisions and strategy.

  • Near real-time access to prevalence of patients suffering from behavioral health syndromes
  • Insight into demand for substance abuse and mental health services
  • View prevalence and trends by geography, time, patient demographics, destination facility, etc.
  • Fully interactive, web-based dashboard with custom search, visualization, and download capabilities

Want to know...

How many opioid overdose patients required emergency medical services in a geographic region?

How many EMS interventions were a result of mental health issues in a particular region over time?

Which hospitals are receiving the most overdose patients within a metro area?

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