Patient Registry

Find a better patient registry experience with biospatial

Don’t settle for the status quo of patient registry solutions. The biospatial Patient Registry delivers all the features you need in a patient registry alongside exceptional customer support and the best analytics platform in the industry. With biospatial, your patient registry experience will be improved through:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast and intuitive interfaces
  • Premier analytic capabilities
  • Access for all participating hospitals
  • No fees for accessing or exporting your data


With biospatial, you can manage multiple registry types like trauma, stroke, and STEMI in a single platform. The registry data dictionary is fully customizable, allowing users to adhere to national standards or create custom ones.

Analytics & Reporting

Review, analyze, and report registry data using biospatial’s proven data analytics platform. QI measures are automatically computed and available for reporting. Charts and tables are customizable and exportable making data review a breeze.

EMS Data Integration

In states partnered with biospatial, relevant EMS patients are automatically queued for review by registrars. A new registry record can be started from an EMS record, or the EMS data can be associated and imported into an existing registry record to save time. After linking, the outcome information may be shared with EMS.

Data Import

Hospital registrars can easily import their data from third-party systems using a simple web-based form. Data validation is performed on import and any issues are highlighted for correction. Import of historical data is supported to keep your registry whole after transitioning from a legacy vendor.

Data Export

With biospatial, there are no extra fees for accessing or exporting your data. Administrators can easily export data to report to state or national registries, facilitating seamless information exchange and enhancing data-driven decision-making processes.

Direct Data Entry

Secure webforms provide registrars an intuitive interface for data entry. There’s no waiting for tabs to load as you work. Data validation and inclusion criteria are evaluated as you enter the data. Hospital-based users can leverage QA/QI workflows, complete with commentary and document attachments. Patient-centric views let registrars find and track patients across registries.

Registry Management

Registry and hospital administrators can configure hospital-related information like identifiers, designations, address, and points of contact. Registry administrators have full control over user account provisioning, including role-based user rights.

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