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Generate value from your ePCR data in ways you never thought possible

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The biospatial platform curates, analyzes, and makes visible EMS ePCR (electronic Patient Care Reporting) data and provides users access to standardized reports, the ability to configure analysis/views for specific use cases, and the ability to trend patterns over time.

The biospatial platform computes and tracks over 40 EMS quality and performance measures, including the National EMS Quality Measures from the National EMS Quality Alliance (NEMSQA, https://www.nemsqa.org/nemsqa-measures).

Visualize, filter, and analyze measures to customize reports for your agency or state EMS office. Compare measures for your agency to state and national benchmarks.

biospatial has implemented National performance measures, including the National EMS Quality Alliance and Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Program Quality Performance measures, as well as state- and institution-specific clinical and operational performance measures.

of the US population covered

“As we all know, data is only as good as the quality of data being entered in (garbage in- garbage out). So, the next logical step is to improve the quality of data being entered in. EMSTARS uses Biospatial as our repository and it contains many powerful analytic tools that your agency can use, free of charge, to better improve your EMS performance and improve the quality of data being entered.”

Ty Carhart
State EMS Data Manager, Florida Department of Health

"biospatial provides us with unparalleled presentation of EMS data, allowing detailed investigation of syndromes, geographic distribution of EMS patients, and issues within our EMS system. It is powerful, flexible, fast, and intuitive."

Kenneth Williams, MD
Medical Director, RI Dept. of Health, Center for EMS

"In Georgia, the tools provided by biospatial have been among the most impactful innovations in the history of our office, and it has been embraced, not only by our staff, but also by our local EMS agencies, medical directors, hospitals and policy makers. In short, biospatial makes it possible for us to tell our story."

Keith Wages
State EMS Director, GA

"Lee County started to use biospatial to track opioid overdoses and trends within the community. Over time and as the capabilities have increased, we now use it to track our effectiveness in multiple Florida State EMS Plan measures, identify trends in motor vehicles accidents, and develop effective presentations of complex sets of data. The tool is very fast, adaptive to the needs of the user, and scalable from large agency to small. biospatial has been a welcome addition to our data mining toolbox."

Benjamin Abes
Director of Public Safety, Lee County, FL

Why biospatial?

ePCR data on tablet screen
ePCR data on tablet screen
  • Processing, analysis, and aggregation of nearly 2/3 of the EMS ePCR data collected in the US
  • Intuitive web-based tools enable users to query and visualize their data, save and share their analysis, and configure automated reports delivered via email
  • Configurable, near real-time alerts delivered via SMS text or email
  • Mapping and heatmap capabilities for visual trend analysis with overlay of other data layers, such as hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, schools, weather, etc.
  • Nationally recognized quality measures with state and national benchmarks
  • Unique, no cost model for EMS agencies and state EMS offices

Contact biospatial to learn how to obtain value from your ePCR data.

NEMSIS data repository capabilities

For state offices of EMS in partnership with biospatial, we offer NEMSIS data repository capabilities. Authorized users, such as state data managers, may configure and manage ingest and export of NEMSIS data from the repository.  The following is a list of current dashboards available to authorized users.

Repository Users Repository Users

Add, edit, or remove administrators and users that may access other repository dashboards and functions.

Repository Users Ingest Configuration

Configure Schematron files and ingest validation rule sets for validation of NEMSIS data submissions to the biospatial repository.

Ingest Dashboard Ingest Dashboard

Review information on the submissions of data to the biospatial platform via the NEMSIS web service, including XSD/Schematron errors and warnings.

Data Exports Export Configuration

Configure and monitor record-level data exports from the biospatial repository.

Export Dashboard Export Dashboard

Review information on the submissions of exported data, including XSD/Schematron errors and warnings returned from configured endpoints.

Vendor Dashboard Submitter Dashboard

Representatives of licensed EMS agencies who submit NEMSIS data to the biospatial-hosted state repository (or authorized ePCR vendors who manage NEMSIS data submissions on their behalf) may use the Submitter Dashboard to review submission metrics, latency, and errors.

NEMSIS data export capabilities NEMSIS data export capabilities

NEMSIS V3.5 Receive & Process Compliant gold starbiospatial provides record-level export of NEMSIS data via NEMSIS web service, SFTP upload, and other interfaces, with support for customizable record redaction and complex export criteria. Authorized administrators may create and configure exports for data that is submitted to the biospatial platform by them or on their behalf. biospatial is proud to say our platform is a NEMSIS v3.4.0 and v3.5.0 compliant Receive and Process system.

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