biospatial announces NEMSIS v3.5 Receive and Process compliance

biospatial providing states with the ability to collect and aggregate electronic patient care reports

Research Triangle Park, NC – October 26, 2021 – biospatial announced their platform is NEMSIS v3.5 compliant.

As one of only 4 organizations to currently hold this certification1, biospatial continues to innovate and lead the EMS data and analytics market.

“biospatial is extremely proud to be one of the first organizations to become NEMSIS v3.5 Receive and Process compliant,” commented Chris Lunsford, Chief Technical Officer. Mr. Lunsford continued, “The flexibility built into our platform continues to pay dividends with respect to the speed at which the biospatial platform can innovate.”

biospatial’s platform provides automated analysis of near real-time EMS data, aggregation of trends, and alerting to anomalies based on syndromes that leverage both categorical elements and natural language processing of free-text elements within EMS data. In addition to providing states with several analytics dashboards that allows them to quickly query and analyze their ePCR data like never before, biospatial is also serving as the state repository for these records.

“Our development team and data partners continually work together to improve the functionality and robustness of the biospatial platform and NEMSIS 3.5 certification is another example of biospatial’s collaboration with the EMS community,” explained Jon Woodworth, CEO. Mr. Woodworth continued, “biospatial’s industry-leading EMS data platform rapidly turns unique data assets into highly actionable outputs to enable faster decisions, inform engagement and outreach, and improve healthcare outcomes.”


This press release can be found published on EIN Presswire here.

About biospatial

Headquartered in Durham, NC, biospatial is a leading healthcare analytics business whose expansive data network provides biospatial customers with near real-time access to electronic patient care reports (ePCR) from thousands of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers in over 40 US states. biospatial collects and curates approximately 100,000 new ePCRs (electronic medical records for EMS transports) daily. Combined with additional healthcare data sources and using proprietary artificial intelligence, biospatial supports customers across multiple industries to enhance awareness, inform decisions, and improve outcomes. For more information about biospatial’s capabilities, please visit the company’s website at, email us at or follow biospatial on LinkedIn or Twitter @biospatial1