Rhode Island DOH Discovers Gaps in Bystander CPR with the Biospatial Platform

The May 2019 edition of the Rhode Island Medical Journal contained a special section on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Rhode Island Department of Health Center for Emergency Medical Services Chief, Jason Rhodes, and Medical Director, Dr. Ken Williams, co-authored an article titled “Data Utilization in Emergency Medical Services”. In the article, they utilized the Biospatial Platform to create geospatial heatmaps of cardiac arrest patients.

The Department of Health identified that low rates of bystander CPR were a gap in the EMS system and is now focused on addressing this gap. Biospatial has a dedicated dashboard for resuscitation measures that includes measures for bystander CPR and AED use. One of the analytic widgets in the Biospatial Resuscitation Dashboard is the “Performance by Time” graph. When initiating community training, users can track how the Bystander CPR performance metric changes after the training is implemented.

The authors indicate how EMS data in the Biospatial platform can be utilized beyond cardiac arrest. They state, “data analysis and syndromic surveillance can be used to uncover clusters of foodborne illness and aid in tracking the source, find concentrations of opiate overdose patients to enable community response, and identify the location of accident-prone intersections and segments of highway to facilitate traffic engineering improvements.”

The Rhode Island Department of Health, an early partner with Biospatial, has been using the Biospatial platform since June of 2017. Chief Rhodes and other staff at the Department have been active in working with Biospatial to develop syndromes and performance measures available to all users of the platform.

The complete Rhode Island Medical Journal’s special section on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest can be found here.

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